Saturday, 16 October 2010


Urrmmm... Don't know why I'm updating this, most likely because I am ineffably bored. Now I've started, I have no idea what to write. The game against Hatfield Fliers score was 69-64 to them. 'Twas a good game. Most of their points were from fouls to be honest :/ Not particularly happy with how I played but hey, not much I can do about it now, just have to make sure I try harder in future games. Speaking of future games, our next game is next week Sunday :) It's against Birmingham A's. I think they're younger than we are but still, it's unforeseen, anything could happen. But I hope we win, that'd be the ultimate outcome :D

I really wish I could open up more about me to people that I know actually care but I'm just being too stubborn to say what's going on with me and shizz. I guess I'm not too big on the whole saying what's the matter with me but I am trying to change that so when you do ask what's up with me, it's not a situation whereby I want you to go away, I'm just not really up for talking and 'opening up' and emotions hahahaa. I sound like a fool.

So much coursework to do but I'm toooo lazy to do it :/ Looks like I HAVE to get work done tomorrow. Hopefully, I'm getting some new basketball boots tomorrow aswell, wooo.

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Saturday, 9 October 2010


Wasn't too sure if I should update but I thought, why not? But now I'm kinda starting to rethink it seeing as I don't have anything fascinating to say :/ Hmm..
Ermm as you can tell I'm bored and writing on here doesn't help because I'm a boring person! Umm, lets see.. I just finished reading THE best book ever! It's called Velocity by Dean Koontz. No word of a lie here, this book shits on ALL THE TWILIGHT BOOKS. The only drawback is the fact that I was expecting more of a crazy ending but it ended crazy enough. Basically, it's about this guy - perfectly normal bartender - finding a note on his car that says If you don't take this note to the police and get them involved I will kill a lovely blond school teacher somewhere in Napa County. If you do take this note to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours." Billy just thought it was a stupid joke. But he did show his friend Lanny - who by the way is a police officer - and he also said that it's a sick joke and Billy shouldn't worry about it. The next day when he got to work Lanny came to see him and told him about the school teacher that died. Now, Billy began to believe that it's not just a joke there is some sick psycho on the loose. That very same day after work he got another note that said 'If you take this note to the police I will kill a mother of two, if you don't take this note to the police I will kill a man that not very many people will miss.' He had five hours to decide. When he got home he got a call from Lanny's house but no one spoke. Later that same night he found Lanny dead :O! - Lanny was single and lived his on his own. Ahhh can't be bothered to write more about the book, EVERYONE needs to read it :D Seriously, the best book I've ever read and also it's the most original. If you want to borrow it, feel free to ask but I warn you, there's already a waiting list of two haha :')

Game day tomorrow! Not too sure how I feel about it, I'm partly excited but at the same time I'm nervous haha, I don't want to mess up at all. Hopefully my game will be on point ;) Knowing me I'll probably psych myself out and mess up but nevertheless, I'm still going to try and play as good as I can :)

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Sunday, 3 October 2010


Haven't written on this in what seems like an incredibly
long time even though it clearly hasn't..

Umm, as I'm pretty sure as everyone knows I don't lead a particularly interesting life so if you're expecting some kind of crazy ass interesting blog, then you are at a VERY wrong destination.

Not much has happened in the last few weeks really except for I've hurt my freaking ankle and it still hurts after two weeks -.-
Urrmm, season starts on Sunday! First game on Sunday :D:D
It's an away game in Doncaster, we have to be at Academy for eight o'clock in the morning -.- Really not sure how that's going
to happen :/ But on the plus side we have an away game. Just realised we're going to be on the coach for 3 hours! :O I intend to sleep most of it haha. I hope we win our game. Me being the sad ass I am, I googled the team we're playing and last season they won 2 games and lost 10 so hopefully it's not so bad. Jheeze asif I've just being going on about that for that long -.-

Reeaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not in the mood for school tomorrow to be honest :/

Lastly, although life may not go as well as I want it to, there's not much I can do about it, so might aswell smile and get over it, doubt that many people care when I'm upset to be frank haha.

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