Saturday, 25 June 2011


Can't sleep as per. so im gracing yall with a post. cba for correcting punctuation and shizz because its unnecessary effort when im on my phone. because i cant sleep ive taken some sleeping tablets, i can kinda feel them working or it may just be me telling myself that because i want them to work now. i need to get a grip of my sleep, its annoying how regardless what time i sleep i wake up the same damn time. long story short, its been a good day, sorted mum and dads room out before theyre back and had basketball, caught too much joke then hahahah. shout out to mass fags makeda and rochelle, had a funny time tonight. cant be arsed to write more so peace out homiess! ox

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


G'morning is the technical term, so g'morning it is! I swear I actually suffer from insomnia to a certain extent. I've been in bed for aaages and I just can't seem to get any sleep hence why I'm posting something. I actually don't get my body and brain because I thought the lack of sleep was due to having my phone with me but even if I didn't have my phone I'd still be bluddy awake, looks like I need to get to a doctor or something to sort me out and tell me wtf is wrong with me hah. This isn't going to be a proper post because it's awkward tryna post something from my phone ha. Thank the lord for autosave as this just closed and if it didn't save I wouldn't be writing another one. My phone is playing up so I'mma just go ahead and leave. I was reading through my old posts and wow I say some quotable shizz sometimes, surprising myself haha. Can't space out my text cause it doesn't fully "support"my phone, so niiigghhhtt : Even though I'll still be awake. It's weird soooo weird not going to school, I could really get used to this lifestyle hehe ;) Peace! ox

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Good Evening

Urrmm, felt like posting because I'm bored and mood keeps fluctuating like there's no tomorrowm damn! It's my last exam tomorrow, looking forward to that because from them on I'm freeeeee, you getz?
I've come to a decision, one that's based on recent experience, I am NOT going to try with people if it doesn't get reciprocated, I ain't no mug, foo. Especially if I'm trying to make our 'friendship' better and all you're doing is trying to make me shut up, hell noooo do I have time for such muckery. Man's got bigger fish to fry! I neeeed to stop using chavvy language because people actually take me seriously when I do hahaha it's a joke -.- I HATE exam leave! The only good thing about is that I'm feeling older, however it's cons are waaayy more than the pros. Being sat at home doing nothing everyday is boring, especially now that I don't have exams so I can't just sit and revise! I can't go to the court and ball on my own everyday aswell, succkkss. I'd much rather be in school doing absolutely nothing than be at home bored.
Spent the last week, just being bored. Every night before my exam I sat there trying to cram the whole text book, haha, surprisingly it works because it's not like I'm freshly learning stuff, thank God for that! But I definitely have to work hard in sixth form, no lazing about like the past five years! Ohmydiddydays five years hahaha.
ohohohoh, I've finally got a new phone, after TWO years with the ancient one I had, thank the lord! I was buzzziiinnnggg, hehe. Happy I got it before my birthday though so I can ask for somehting else for my birthday, braaapp. Which by the way is in three weeks ;) 4th of July, hehe. Now, I'm in a random happy mood, which I'm sure will change in the next few minutes/hours, unpredictable stuff I tell ya! Urmm, Science exams tomorrow, buzzing, NOT. Just can't wait for it to be over done with, I'm having to learn stuff from year nine all over again -.- damn. There's a CVL game tomorrow, looking forward to it, nice end to stressfulish week.
I swear I actually wonder why I call some people friends, SUCH a waste of my time. Soooo many people I need to edit out of my life but I am just longing it out because I am a wasteman! (again, with the chav talk, neeeed to sort it out!)

Bored of writing, hope this has occupied a good few minutes of someone's time, hehe ;) More people need to get blogs because it's getting boring following just one person, because all I see is their posts and yeah, more people need a blog, like now. Tumblr sux. It's just pictures -__-
Niiggghhhttt. Dunno why I said night because I know I'm still gonna be up for the next few hours, ha.

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'Happiness is a direction, not a destination'


Thursday, 9 June 2011


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So it's 23:38 pm and I'm bored enough to write a new post. Erm, not much has been going on, just "revising" for exam. Looking back now I wish I'd tried with my lessons because (not being cocky) I'd have got all A*s no joke, ahaha. Ahh well, the past is the past. Just working a bit to get my good grades now.
Had THE most bullshxt exam on Monday, Edexcel are horse guys, putting goddamn dodgy arse questions in the paper. However, apparently the grade boundaries have been moved down, so hopefully I've got the grade I want. Another Maths paper tomorrow, they better not try and weird stuff like they did last time, else, I'd be royall PISSED. Grr. I've done some revision for it. Went to Kiana's for revision. Spent like 2/3 hours actually revising and the remaining 2/3 hours were spent on Youtube, watchin funny videos and trying to learn the words to Chris Brown's Look At Me Now, keeeen times!
Urm, looking forward to summer, I'm away for like SIX weeks, not sure how to feel about that. It better be goood :D I'm actually not joking, by the time we get back to school in September, I think I may be brain dead by then, no school for like THREE MONTHS! Crazy shxt, haha!
Decided to take on life with a less serious approach because.. I'm AWESOME, I don't need to be all serious for peeps to realise that. Can't believe I just said peeps, hahah, what a goon. LOL jk, I'm still great. Yeah, I know 'arrogant much?' hardly, if you don't love yourself, how do you expect people to love you? Which brings me on to my next point, I've realised I've actually got a big ego ahaha. However, it's not one that gets in the way of who I am and the respect I give to people. If you give me respect you get respect in return, right?
Urrmm, started using Twitter properly, getting the hang of it and I actually find myself using hashtags on Facebook ahah, it probably annoys everyone but hey, I just don't give a fuuuhh. Twitter is so good, wish I'd been using it much longer; the weird bit though is the randomers following me, but hey no biggie. Looking at this post, I've actually written a fair bit without actually saying much, weird aha. Looking forward to next week Friday, exams are over and I'm chilling with my dons! Actually buzzing for it, no joke. Now I'm randomly in a weird mood, casually just ruining people's statuses because it's funny, haha.
In a really happy mood, hope it carries on till tomorrow! It better :'
I wish more people had a blog instead of Tumblr. I refuse to jump on the bandwagon with that one, just going to stick to good ol' Blogger, it's been good to me, aha.

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'We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets'

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


2006 -2011
Feels like an accomplishment.
However, it is scary to think that I've been in Northampton Academy for FIVE years, even though it really doesn't feel like it, aha. It's been a good run and I'm genuinely going to miss the school. Oh and, school actually finished on Friday, but as per me being late with everything my post happend to be late, ha.
A year end is neither an end or a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Pesonally speaking, it's more of a beginning, a beginning of the rest of my life. If I had to do it over again, I would choose the same set people over again :') Just have a few more exams left then I have a freakishly LONG summer! Looking forward to sixthform though!
It's crazy that I'm actually growing up so quick! Not in a sense of doing things that aren't appropriate for my age. I mean, that I'm actually finished school. The prospect of the future actually kind of scares me to be frank. It's scary that my future is in my hands and whatever decisions I make determine what my future holds. I am trying to achieve a lot and make the right decisions, but it's inevitable that mistakes will be made, but they aren't mistakes if I learn from them; they'll merely be learning curves in my life.
There's nothing more interesting to write about! I need to start putting stuff up as soon as I think them, not three days after when I can't be bothered, HA.

Thank you Northampton Academy Year 11's for making the past five years of my life enjoyable. It's been one hell of a roller coaster. However, I wish I had gotten to know people better as opposed to right at the end.

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'And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.'