Thursday, 14 July 2011


Yeaaah, jubilant is the word.
SOO, can't really remember when last I posted, I think it was on my birthday or the day before, actually I think it's the day before because I remember typing something along the lines of 'last day as jail-bait' or something along those lines. Hahaha, I'm so silly. Damn, that sounds gay but can't be bothered to change it, so instead I'm just writing more - slyly making my post look longer than it actually is, ha. Am I not a BOSS?
Urmm, I'd like to say I'm happy happy happy - well at this moment in time I'm quite happy - because in the real aspect of things there's not really any prominent sad things.
I started this in the morning but then had to go to my brother's graduation thing at Uni, it was alright, but I still can't get over their accents over here! But still, Newcastle is pretty cool and the uni's building aswell is pretty don'ish. Is it wrong that whilst I'm in Newcastle, I'm kinda on the look out for some of the Geordie Shore characters? Haha, really hoping that I'd see at least one of them, that'd be freaaakkiinnnggg raaadddd.
Today's been a good day so far, just chillin' till eight because everyone is asleep ("resting") and then at eight man's going outt! It better be good, else I will not be happy. It's good being out of Northampton for a few days, new environment and that is pretty cool.
So, I've been reading this book, well I just started I've had it for months and just decided that I may aswell read it quick aha. As I was saying, yeah, I've been reading this book called Sole Survivors and it's about familicides, which is when people kill their families, usually kids or aorund that age anyway. Even though it's pretty crazy, it's so insightful but some of the psychology behind the sentencing of some of the people is ridiculous because, a lot of the time they just class them as insane because what they have done is something that doesn't fit the criteria of 'normal' therefore meaning that before they even talk to them they've already been classed as crazy because 'no sane person would do such a thing'. The stories of people who have actually killed their families aswell are CRAZY! Some guy blew up his mum, brother and half of his sister. Weird as stuff.
Feel like I've just gone on, which I probably have but enjoy! May post later, don't know, depends on how late I'm up :)

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^seeing this later, hopefully that is.

"I know some day you will wake up as lonely as I am 'cause fate works both ways"

Sunday, 3 July 2011

HI THERE. I knoww I haven't written in a while but it's quite simply down to the fact that I haven't been able to access this site, the only way was by my phone and that was crap as you can evidently tell by my last two posts. However, it's not like I have a blog that would have been missed ;) hehe.
BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Strangely, I'm not excited for it, actually, I'm sleepy right now, doubt I'll be awake later. It sucks that I get ill the day before my birthday :-/ I've been sniffling and sneezing all day, and if you've heard my sneeze you'd know how much of a sucky thing it is. I hate it when I've got a blocked nose, freaking does my head in. Surprisingly though, I've had a good day even though I was ill, cooooool. Have to go in to school tomorrow, for 'signing out' sucks, big time. Especially the fact that we have to go in at like 9 o'clock damn.
Just realised, this will be my last post as jail-bait ;) iJOKE! It will be my last post as a minor though, which rooooocccckkkssss!
Urm, not much has gone on since my last post, which by the way I don't even remember. My sleep pattern hasn't got much better, if anything it's gotten worse, staying up for two days and shizz. However, because I'm ill, I'm already feeling sleepy, but that seems to be changing.
Not looking forward to going to school tomorrow because I have to find a bunch of books and stuff that we got from school in like year whatever, pretty pointless and if we don't find it, apparently we have to pay. What a joke o.O
Anyhoos, off to wacth some TV, so yeah bizz homies.
Lastly, there's always that freaking hard time when you have to make the decision of either trying harder or giving up. It's so hard and really getting me frustrated. Especially when it's a case of people sending mixed signals, I really don't get it, it freaking gets on my nerves, and the fact that I can't help it, sucks.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years"