Wednesday, 23 January 2013


VNDKFHDIAIUSGFYDUSDNCISDSBC GUISE MY EXAMS ARE OVER! SOOOO MANY MIXED FEELINGS LOOL! Happiness, sadness, restlessness, ambivalence! Oh, it's all a mess loool. Slyly, I'm super shook for the results but still happy that it's all out of the way but now my exams are over, I have NO idea what to do with myself! I've used so many exclamation marks already lool, I'm writing this with a massive grin on my face and I actually do not know why ahahahah - I'm just sooo happy, alhamdulillah!

Anyhoooo, onto pressing matters – The other day I was editing my bio, there was this random question generator and it was "Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?” I didn’t know how in the world I was supposed to tackle such a question loool so I made notes on perspective on which the question could be attacked... I came up with: physically or mentally. The former sounded somewhat sickening so I went for the latter in terms of attributes that are more desirable.

Okay, admittedly both are characteristic that are very useful but then again their usefulness is rather reliant on how we ourselves classify them and also dependent on if we’re talking spiritually or not – if that makes sense?

There is more than one meaning to flexibility which could be being able to bend without collapsing or it could mean for one to be easily swayed. In regards to the former, it is unquestionable that being flexible is great – and when one looks at it from the perspective of our mind, body and soul, we should be able to be open or be able bend (open to ideas, experiences and ideologies). In spite of this, we should also be wary of being too flexible as we may become ruined and rendered useless lol. One doesn’t want to be so open that you get to a stage whereby you lose yourself and values which were once intrinsic aha.

Flexibility entails freedom, choice and breathing room which makes it seem like the much better trait to possess; after all many of people advocate liberty, lool! Besides, with flexibility there is room for one to grown from mistakes made as well as there being lots of options and the knack to reassess things happening. It isn’t particularly limited and gives one the power to focus on ones self and priorities – does that make sense? We all have the flexibility to move without much restraint in creating the life you want and allows one to build on it from wherever you choose – things aren’t stagnant, change is always occurring, gotta move with the times lol.

In regards to flexibility being described as being swayed without difficulty, this view leads one to believe that it is perhaps not a valuable trait. But this could also be a misconception. This is somewhat similar to being able to bend but in this instance there’s more focus on the effect the outside has on your flexibility. In principle, one should be open to change but then again it is a bit of a problem when change happens too quickly – does anyone else worry about that? I do lol. Viable change ought to occur when much consideration has been taken and when one has vivid awareness of the impact of the change and its result. If a change is done super swift then you could actually go as far as saying that the change was done with minimal clarity. Consequently, there is potential of a myriad of problems which I can’t even lie can be suuuuper LONG – ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. Mate, I’m not however saying that things that can happen against plans or that the recompense we get for accepting a change is different than what we expect but by planning, such outcomes are unlikely – I’d like to think anyway, not like I’ve been through enough to make such a conclusive assertion.

Expandability is a bit different even though it does seem rather analogous. Expandability = spread out, unfold or enlarge. In terms of being meaningful, I think expandability may take the lead a bit because when something/someone is expanding they aren’t just changing the person that are they are but they are also maintaining their originality. Through expanding, you are gaining. Whereas, with flexibility the object is changes thus forming it to what the person/thing controlling desires – one might have freedom but there isn’t as much room to grow as you would have otherwise.

What’s more is that being able to expand and unfold is to some extent very vital because isn’t that one of the many goals of our journey through life? For use to be able to expand our experiences and knowledge whilst our physical form grown and unfolds into adulthood? On the contrary, it isn’t always as easy as stated lool – things are always easier to say than do. I find it hard to open up to people emotionally as well as supporting others emotionally, to a point whereby I can no longer protect myself. It’s very long. Besides, isn’t the main purpose of having things folded is so that not everything is in the open? When one unfolds, everything becomes open to the elements, the idea of there being little privacy is disconcerting ahahaha – slight exaggeration there but I hope you get my drift. I try to be open to provide emotional support to everyone but at the same time I appreciate it being reciprocated so I don’t relish in the idea of getting so caught up in helping everyone else that I have to neglect myself. It sounds a bit selfish but ultimately keeping oneself content is the primary goal tbh. If I can’t keep myself comforted and grounded, how am I supposed to be able to expand out everyone else? There’d be no energy for me to hold myself up if I’m constantly focusing on everyone else – no? Once again, if I can’t hold myself up, how can I offer help to hold someone else up, it would all seem like a big joke.

Ultimately, both are in different ways as beneficial as the other to have but as stated earlier it is massively dependent on what we regard them to mean and how being either/or has an effect on us.

LEUL, I've just basically gone on for ages *siiiigggghh* Anyway, I seriously hope that the stuff I've said made else this would have sucked. It would be nice to know what some of you reading this think about the question. Feel free to leave your answer in the comment box, I'd love to read them! Thank you guys again for reading aha, it's always interesting to see how many people actually read this. Finally on 5000 views, wooooooooooo! 

"Through life we suffer, through friends we never have to suffer alone"